Kinnaird Church Pastor Speaks to Cooling Centre Services


The Kinnaird Church of God is one of three facilities in Castlegar that are ready to provide Cooling Centre services should temperatures rise.

The City of Castlegar signed three separate Memorandums of Understanding last year to ensure residents have somewhere to go in times of extreme heat, following heat waves experienced across BC. The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Kinnaird Church of God Pastor Cynthia Pelletier. She says they began offering this service years back to help people get through the wildfire season:

“There are some people who struggle with acute repertory challenges, so we opened up the church because we not only have great air conditioning, but we have some really powerful air purifiers that were installed into our building when we rebuilt after our arson fire in 2014.”

“There are some folks who for them, transportation is an issue and if folks are in that position, please do call one of the centres and ask if perhaps someone could help with a ride or that sort of thing. We’d hate to see someone not be able to avail themselves of this service.”

The other facilities are the New Life Church and Way-Out Shelter. The Bounce Radio Newsroom will have more on this topic to follow.