Kootenay Gallery of Art Seeks Funding Increase from City of Castlegar


The Kootenay Gallery of Art's recent budget presentation to Castlegar City Council requested a $20,000 annual funding increase.

The Gallery aims to keep current costs in line with the next fiscal year but wages are one obstacle standing in the way.

Board Chair Audrey Maxwell-Polovnikoff explains:

“We were without a Curator and Administrative Assistant for a portion of this year and this saved us some costs. However the resulting pressures that it puts on those being expected to cover for those roles is not sustainable and certainly not what the City of Castlegar would expect for a gallery that is wanting to be a show piece for the West Kootenays.”

Executive Director Joleen Kinakin says fundraising efforts continue as the Gallery works towards relocating:

“These funds are necessary to be able to show that the gallery is able to accumulate our own equity for future grant applications and also these funds would be needed at short notice once the physical relocation build commences.”

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed last year for a combined gallery and housing project at 1224 3rd Street.

The City had budgeted and provided the Kootenay Gallery of Art $58,470 for 2023.

This latest funding request, a $20,000 increase, will be considered during budget deliberations.