Live Aid Is Being Turned Into A Musical


One of the biggest concerts of all time will become a stage music in London, UK next year.

Live Aid was a multi-event concert that took place at London's Wembley Stadium on July 13, 1985 to raise funds for relief of the famine in Ethopia. 

The musical is titled Just For One Day and it will include some of the most memorable songs performed at the concert by participating artists like Queen, David Bowie, U2, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Sting.

The production will run from January 26 to March 30 at the Old Vic Theatre. 

According to Bob Geldof, the original co-organizer of Live Aid, the musical is strictly a performance of the music and will not feature actors impersonating the artists in costume.

"This isn't a tribute thing," Geldof told the BBC. "I wouldn't have anything to do with that. So, there isn't a person dressed up as Freddie wearing a crap moustache. The songs drive the drama along."

Geldof says the plot of the show is a behind-the-scenes look at how both Live Aid and Band Aid, which produced the #1 single "Do They Know It's Christmas?", came together.

The plot of Just For One Day, named after a line in David Bowie's Heroes, will balance a behind-the-scenes look at how Band Aid and Live Aid came together, with a love story inspired by real events.

"The story is based on actual testimony from the day," Geldof explained. "It's real people telling their story throughout this. So it's complex theatre."

Just For One Day was conceived by John O’Farrell, who created the musical adaptation of Mrs. Doubtfire, and Luke Sheppard, who did the musical & Juliet featuring the music of Swedish songwriter/producer Max Martin.

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