Monday Protest in Nelson Calls for Stand Down at Fairy Creek


(Image provided by Facebook)

Monday's demonstration, August 23rd, from Nelson and West Kootenay protesters saw over 100 residents march from Lakeside Park to the Nelson RCMP Detachment.

Local groups Extinction Rebellion West Kootenay and Last Stand West Kootenays have joined BC-wide calls for RCMP to stand down at Fairy Creek blockades on the West Coast, but say nobody would come outside to address protestors on Monday once set-up with their signs.

Old-Growth Logging protesters continue to be arrested on Vancouver Island with at least one 21-year old Nelsonite actively stationed on the Fairy Creek frontlines.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with group member Miguel Pastor following an August 14th demonstration that saw protestors gather outside of Nelson-Creston MLA Brittny Anderson's office.

Pastor says Fairy Creek blockades remain top of mind as well as the treatment of indigenous land defenders, alleging some of the arrests are unlawful:

“The NDP keeps saying that they do not have control over the police and that the courts do, but if the RCMP aren’t listening to the courts it leaves me wondering who holds them accountable.”

Demonstrations aim to keep the pressure on efforts to chance BC-logging practices, and Pastor says it's crucial they don't lose momentum:

“….Growing up and just starting to feel the effects of the climate crisis, the horrible smoke that we’ve seen this summer and past summers, the heat and the wildfires that will only get worse throughout my future; I think it’s a social obligation to be participating in these events….”

The group's requests have included public statements from elected officials supporting a provincial moratorium on all old growth logging, wanting mills repurposed for second growth timber and raw logs to no longer being sent out of the province.