Nelson City Council Hears Presentation from Nelson Arts Council

Nelson City-Hall

It's that time of the year again when organizations present to Nelson City Council on their operations and budgets.

Tuesday, January 31st, saw the Nelson and District Arts Council's Executive Director walk Council through events, community murals, expenditures and much more.

“We are respectfully requesting from the City of Nelson: Six thousand dollars for our fiscal activities in 2023. Thirty-five hundred dollars cash and a twenty-five hundred rental subsidy for our office, located at 310 Ward Street….” says Sydney Black

More community murals were one of many inquires from City Council:

“We right now have funding to do two murals officially, but the majority of our funding doesn’t come in until April. So we’ll have a better idea (then); we’re probably going to do four. I’m thinking four is a good number, eleven was just a little too much….” adds the Executive Director

Councillor Jesse Woodward is one of many impressed with last year's operations:

“I just really felt like the City was kind of coming out of that COVID piece and it really was kind of like a flower blossoming, literally with all the incredible art and the show at Hall Street….”

Last year's Mural Festival alone added eight new pieces around Nelson. There were also two murals done by Sinixt artists and another completed at the Hume School.

Last year saw over $355,000 paid out to artists, admins and art contractors; a 33% rise over 2021.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom will have more on Tuesday's presentations to follow.