Nelson Council Approves Remuneration Changes

Nelson City-Hall

Nelson City Council approved amending the Council Remuneration Policy bylaw last week, August 9th, regarding wages for incoming City Councillors and Mayor.

The Mayor's $62,263 base level annual remuneration is rising by 12.69% to $70,170. Annual remuneration for City Councillors jumps by 5.14%, from $26,212 to $27,560.

It wasn’t an easy decision for Councillor Jesse Woodward:

“I’m very thankful for what the staff did. They did a really great job, they looked at a lot of examples and I guess I’m just feeling a little bit gun shy about the adjustment considering what we’ve been through as a town.”

While staff proposed delaying implementation, other members of council felt less conflicted.

“…. It’s below inflation, the impact on the city budget given that this council has worked really hard over the last four years to hold tax increases to zero, zero, I think one and then this year…. In an election year was courageous enough to go up to four….” says Councillor Rik Logtenberg

“…. Now it’s set up at a level where we can hopefully encourage more people, younger people, a more diverse group of people perhaps to be able to contemplate coming to the council table…. That’s really what we want is to have representation of all the people that live in Nelson.” chimes in Councillor Janice Morrison

Changes are set to take effect January 1st, 2023. Councillors say their lives go beyond the meetings and preparation; it's constant work that shouldn't be a financial burden.

Nelson's reported population is 11,106 with over $44-million in consolidated expenses through 2021.