Nelson Council Hears Presentation on Economic Development Partnership


Every year in Nelson, select organizations that historically receive City funding present to City Council on operations, budgeting, funding requests and more. One of seven presenters last week, January 25th, was the Nelson and Area Economic Development Partnership.

The group launched in 2005 to jointly pursue economic development opportunities and partners with The Chamber, Community Futures, RDCK areas E and F and The City of Nelson.

Councillor Keith Page hopes groups at this table can help tackle climate action as an entire sector:

“We have this idea within the community or within the City that we need to bring our Nelson Next plan and climate action work to life. We have a plan and we’ve laid it out, we have a delivery partner….”

“Much like we would have done for the cannabis sector and much like we would have done retroactively to maintain what’s going on in the arts and culture sector.” adds Page.

Presenters feel they’re positioned well to tackle climate action in the future considering the partners at their table. The group is seeking $140,000 total including $90,000 from the City; largely towards project resources.

The group helped bring 129 workforce housing units online last year through Hall Street Place, Herridge Place and Lakeside Place. This year’s strategic priorities include business retention and advocacy and further addressing workforce housing and workforce shortages. Watch the full presentation here.