Nelson Council Hears Presentation on Optimizing Active Transportation

Nelson City Hall building

A recent presentation to Nelson City Council from "Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health" sought support to help the community shape the future of local active transportation.

Dr. Dharma McBride hopes to bring community groups and voices around transportation together:

“What we propose, essentially as a group, is to act as a conduit between the city and the community of Nelson to allow people throughout our community to have their ideas put forward in terms of how they want to get around the city, in terms of infrastructure, projects….”

Councillor Keith Page asked the delegation what partnerships and proposals are being explored to increase active transportation, namely, an employer led benefits package with access to the E-Bike loan program.

McBride says while they haven’t pursued that specific idea, they aim to tackle a wide range of strategies:

“What we want to do is have our website be a way for us to bring in all sorts of great ideas…. From throughout the community, people who maybe just commute, some people who see this as a boom for  business… the car-free Baker Street idea could really benefit from integration here….”

Councillor Rik Logtenberg says the more use and incentive for active transportation, the more development is possible:

“We need you and we need every resident who rides a bike to be vocal, to be active, to ride your bike even when it might not be convenient, even when it might not be comfortable. Because the use and the visible use of our cycling infrastructure provides encouragement to other people.”

Logtenberg highlights continued progress on the primary bike route project and how practice and communication can improve operation.

A $17,000 free cycling equipment giveaway supported by grant funding was part of an event held on Sunday, November 26th, to support Nelson residents of all ages and abilities.