Nelson Council Talks Liquid Waste Management Plan Grant Application

Nelson City-Hall

Nelson City Council has approved applying for $395,000 towards a Liquid Waste Management Plan in efforts to upgrade the Treatment Facility.

The $270,000 Environmental Assessment required beforehand is being triggered by consultation necessary to help forecast community growth, but is not eligible for grant funds. Director of Public Works and Utilities Colin Innes says the investment is meant to last:

“…. It is a fairly substantial increase in persons living in town because really what they’re wanting to ensure is that we really set ourselves up well for the next 50 years, because it’s recognized that this is a major investment that is very important to the city and that we need to ensure this is something that has a lot of longevity to it.”

Councillor Nicole Charlwood was curious on how exactly consultation works:

“You’ve just acknowledged we don’t have in-house skills there, you said in particular with consultation which I agree…. I’m all about localizing decision making as much as possible….”

Consultation goes through community, first nations and neighbours downstream while remaining funds cover technical experts and more.

Councillor Rik Logtenberg brought up the Treatment Plant’s own respective problems:

“Upgrading the Sewage Treatment Plant without dealing with that first might be premature and so given the enormous cost of upgrading the sewage treatment plant, would we not want to make sure that this grant is really focused on upgrading the whole system?”

Staff explains that the City is already undertaking an update to the Sanitary Masterplan, which in combination with this project will help upgrade the Sewage Treatment Plant. The grant application is through the Canada Community-Building Fund: Strategic Priorities Fund stream.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom will have more from Nelson City Council to follow.