Nelson Council Welcomes new Financial Officer

Nelson City-Hall

Nelson City Council welcomed their new Financial Officer last week, May 3rd, giving first three readings to the Municipal Officers Bylaw.

Chris Jury officially takes the position June 1st after holding the Deputy position for seven years.

This as Chief Financial Officer Colin McClure is moving to Trail to hold the Chief Administrative and Financial Officer position.

“Colin was probably being a bit modest when he said he inherited some great work, but I think that’s probably true that it’s been going on for years and Colin’s done some fantastic work bringing that up to that next level as well…. Just working with him has been a really great experience for me and I just want to continue that great work that we’ve done and I can see in the horizon all these big projects we talk about that are coming…. So just making sure that we’re kind of in a good place; we’re geared up and we’re ready to be able to tackle them when we get to them.” Chris Jury tells City Council and staff

Jury has worked closely with Colin, Mayor and Council to develop the City's Five Year Financial Plan and complete the City's and other small municipalities' audited financial statements.