New Bylaw Enforcement Officers Welcomed in Rossland and Nelson

HQuillan - Bylaw Aug 2021

(Photo provided by the City of Nelson: [L–R] Chief Constable Donovan Fisher, New Bylaw Enforcement Officer Heidi Quillan, S/Sgt. Brian Weber)

Rossland City Council officially appointed a Bylaw Enforcement Officer on Monday, so give a warm Rossland welcome to Jared Saxby.

Mayor Kathy Moore says many residents have wanted local bylaws better enforced so it's exciting to have the capacity.

She calls Saxby a young, personable and energetic guy coming to the community that Council is looking forward to getting up to speed.

Rossland Council also approved a staff-recommended vehicle so Saxby has some wheels to help keep the streets safe.

Council reissued a call for proposals last month to consider two-wheel-drive alternatives as less costly options, but the All-Wheel-Drive 2021 Ford Mach-E initially proposed was the favored choice on Monday considering cargo space, service availability and safety.

Mayor Moore says it's important that the vehicle can survive local winters while also reflecting Rossland's commitment to climate action, adding council has wanted to electrify the city’s vehicle fleet for some time, which is mostly composed of big trucks and snow plows that aren’t quite yet up to EV-standards.

Four additional proposals were also received.

On the other side of the West Kootenays the City of Nelson is also welcoming a new Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Heidi Quillan has seven years’ experience as communications specialist for Nelson Police and moved to town over 20 years ago.