Rate Increases Proposed for Nelson Hydro Services

Nelson City-Hall

Nelson City Council has passed first three readings for 2024 Rural and Urban Nelson Hydro rates.

Urban services could rise by 5.2% and rural services by 6.2% as power supplier Fortis-BC pursues their own increase of 6.7%.

City Manager Kevin Cormack says the City has also applied for deferral accounts to assist with surprises like major weather events:

“We have applied for some deferral accounts that allow us to, in the event that weather events effect us like they did in 2023 where those our outside of our control, that we have a mechanism to recover that…. If we have weather that goes against us then we just need to be able to recover that over future years, consistent with other electric utility.”

An Open House ahead of adoption will be held tomorrow, November 23rd.