RDKB Seeks Feedback from Rural Residents on Climate Action


The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is calling on rural residents to take part in a climate change survey active until the end of this month.

Local stories from rural electoral areas will help determine RDKB climate action priorities moving ahead.

Senior Energy Specialist Freya Phillips tells the Bounce Radio Newsroom that you don't have to look back any further than last summer for a taste of the region's climate concerns:

“The Boundary region was the first region across the Province to reach level-five drought. You know that’s significant and had significant impacts on our businesses and our agricultural businesses as well as residents….”

Phillips adds the RDKB wasn't playing around when declaring a Climate Action Imperative back in 2019; worsening weather is here and only becoming more frequent:

“But by doing reduction know we can actually hopefully reduce that increasing frequency, and the more we do to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in the short term, the less intense these changes are actually going to be over time.”

“…. It’s really important to hear the stories of our rural communities and also hear about how we can actually support and move forward our climate action activities that are actually going to support them. It’s different in urban locations and we really need to hear from people…. It’s different for urban: the actions and activities that you take….”

If you live or own a business in Electoral Areas A, B, C, D or E of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary you can complete the form online or pick-up a paper copy. The 19-question survey is available until May 31st.