Renovations Continue for Second Rossland Scouts


(Image provided by Second Rossland Scouts Facebook)

Renovations continue for the 2nd Rossland Scouts Hall and this time the focus is roof and kitchen upgrades.

Group Commissioner Tom Leask explains:

“Last year we just finished a big renovation of installing windows, a hot water tank, furnace, better insulation, but like a lot of other renovations when you start ripping up walls you find other problems so now we’re in the position where we have to do upgrades to the roof.”

“The first phase which was completed last year was about $55,000 and the second phase, which includes a renovation of the kitchen that unfortunately had to be sort of demolished last year because of insulation and the other problems, would be about another $50,000.” he adds

Leask says their 70-year anniversary was last November:

“We’ve been operating here since at least the 1920’s which is pretty remarkable when scouting in itself only really started up in the 1915, 1917 type time. So it’s kind of a neat legacy to be a part of and Second Rossland is sort of the last man standing. There used to be up to four groups operating in Rossland.”

The 1st Rossland Scouts date back to 1921 according to the group’s records and the 2nd Rossland Scouts was founded on November 4th 1952 by the St. George’s Anglican Church. More groups started afterwards but all eventually folded into 2nd Rossland.

The Hall by Jubilee Park is the third home for the Second Rossland Scouts and aims to offer a new community space for local non-profits.

The project is supported through funding by the Columbia Basin Trust, Kootenay Savings Community Foundation and much more.