Review of Record Ridge Mining Project Near Rossland On Hold

record ridge

The provincial review of the plan for an open-pit magnesium mine near Rossland is on hold.

Officials with the Mine Development Review Committee say they are awaiting a revised application from Western High Yield Resources.

"The final application from WHY Resources was received in 2023 and the Mine Development Review Committee began preparation to start the comprehensive review process,” said their email to Bounce News.

“However, the applicant made changes to the application in response to public concerns that were brought to light at a public meeting in June 2023. The changes were substantial enough that the Province delayed further review until a new and revised application package is provided,” it added, stating that it hasn’t received the new application from WHY Resources.

The company announced a series of changes following meetings with residents, including a proposed change of the trucking route through Northport.

The plan to move ore through Washington State to Waneta was subject to approval by the BC Ministry of Highways, according to the company.

The plan for an open-pit mine near Rossland was met with considerable opposition during a raucous public meeting at Rossland's Prestige Hotel.

The first of two meetings attended by Bounce News had a long line of residents in the packed meeting room express concerns about the potential ecological damage from the operation.

Many residents were also worried about the number of trucks that would be hauling ore through the downtown during the proposed extraction period of six months each year.

Company officials said they would address residents concerns.

Earlier this month, WHY Resources announced a cooperation agreement with the Osoyoos Indian Band.

“This agreement recognizes Osoyoos Indian Band’s sovereignty over our lands and represents our continued efforts to ensure that our lands are protected and managed in accordance with our wishes, values, and principles,” Chief Clarence Louie said in the company release.

Provincial officials indicate the review process could take a considerable amount of time.

“The Environmental Assessment Office is waiting for the updated information before proceeding with their decision on whether the project warrants a comprehensive review,” the email to Bounce News stated.

“Given the timelines and processes relevant to a mines act approval for a new major mine, it would be very premature at this time to describe the proposal as in the final stages.”