Rossland Council Talks Green Bins, Organics Collection

city of rossland logo2022

Rossland City Council has agreed to maintain the City's current mix of green bins when the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary's impending Curbside Organics Program takes effect.

The City had hoped all residential program participants would get bear resistant bins but constraints such as funding are instead seeing a mix of 80-litre critter proof bins and 120-litre bear resistant bins.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Mayor Kathy Moore to learn more:

“The problem with that (the sizes) is that people are going to struggle to keep their organics inside, like they need to keep it in a garage or a shed or somewhere…..” she explains

“We were disappointed that they don’t have options for smaller containers because a lot of households don’t need that big of containers, but we did go ahead and approve what the RDKB wanted…. To go to 100% bear resistant it would have cost the City an extra $230,000 above the program that the RDKB is doing, which is by grant money, and we just can’t do that. Plus we can’t justify it because those containers are so big that they’re going to create a whole ‘nother [sic] problem.” adds The Mayor

“We’ll be looking at other more local things…. ideas that we can implement. The RDKB deals with the entire region but each community is different. Like our bear issues are different from those in Trail; a mountain town verses a river town.” says Mayor Moore

The current program scope also includes purchasing of countertop collection bins and cellulose lined paper bags.