Rossland Marathon Swimmer Hits the Open Water Again in 2021

aerin swim

A marathon swimmer from Rossland isn't letting COVID-19 get in the way of her passion again this year.

After last September's 19km swim from the south to north end of Christina Lake, 46-year-old Aerin Bowers will take on Vernon's Kalmalka Lake on Aug. 8.

“That’s an 18km swim, I’m doing it with a few other swimmers and planning some other kind of individual swims too (this summer),” said Bowers.

She chose to conquer Christina Lake last year after her swim of Lake Zurich in Switzerland was cancelled after COVID-19 swept across the world.

Aerin became an avid swimmer during her early childhood and has developed a love for the open water which she said is not only gentler on her body compared other sports like running, it’s also therapeutic mentally.

“It’s a great sport for sorting out emotional things that are going on, or mental things that are going on, it requires very little equipment and expense and it’s just a great way to connect with other swimmers and explore the province,” said Aerin.

Bowers is thankful the Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre pool remained open through the fall, winter and spring for early morning training sessions to prepare for the open-water season.

She also has her sights set on taking on a famous and rough international body of water in 2024.

“I have my date booked for the English Channel,” said Bowers who hopes that swim may happen sooner.

“I’ve been pushed out a couple of years due to COVID, so it’s sort of become a three year plan now, unless I get moved ahead again, which would be great.”