Rossland Mayor Addresses Award to CAO

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A Rossland City Council Meeting back on April 19th saw Chief Administrative Officer Bryan Teasdale recognized with a service award.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Mayor Kathy Moore to learn more:

“….Teasdale is recognized for his exemplary service, not only for in Rossland; he’s been our longest serving CAO since 1999. He’s just working on his seventh year with us which is great….”

“…. He’s really been a leader in his profession and he’s served as a mentor to numerous people coming up in the public sector…. Not only In Rossland…. in the area, but particularly in the area of asset management. Because he’s really being a strong proponent for that before many elected leaders and local governments even knew what the term meant. So we’ve been really happy with his leadership and team building in Rossland and you know it really pays off. We’ve seen Rossland become a well-managed and fiscally responsible municipality and it hasn’t always been. Given our history that was no small task….” adds Mayor Moore

The Long Service Recognition Award from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators is also for Teasdale's more than 15 years of experience in senior local government administration. The award is based on years of full-time paid employment in a local government.