SD8 Designated as Provincial Online Learning School


School District 8 Kootenay Lake has received a new provincial designation.

The District is now a Provincial Online Learning School, opening the doors to more online learners both locally and across BC.

Superintendent Trish Smillie explains:

“…. Students will be able to sign up for online learning either at their local school district, or now they can come to School District 8 from a different district and enroll in online learning.”

“We’ve had an online learning program for over 20 years and currently we have approximately 600 students, both local and across the province, doing either online learning as their main way of learning, or some students do a course to supplement their face to face learning.”

“Students can cross-enroll both in a face-to-face learning environment and online program, allowing for greater course diversity. As well, we can have students from outside our district apply for online learning inside our district. This won’t change the experience for out students in our district….”

BC's Provincial Online Learning Schools offer province-wide access and support services for learner needs.