Temporary Use Permit Proposed for Castlegar Winter Shelter


The Castlegar and District Community Services Society has applied for a Temporary Use Permit and Castlegar City Council makes their vote October 18th. Consideration last week, October 4th, saw the application for 1660 Columbia Avenue propose a multi-service 13-bed winter shelter.

Councillor Brian Bogle appreciates The Society's approach after the community's response last time the Way Out Shelter opened up at a former motel:

“I think it’s going to allay some of their fears, probably not all but some, because I know after that presentation I was left with a lot more questions than I’d received answers and I was watching it as a member of the public I wasn’t on council at the time.”

Councillor Cherryl MacLeod is concerned that a bi-weekly report to council is proposed to exclude information not privy to the public:

“As in you know police visits, ambulance visits (and) things like that. Like I think as Council when people are telling us how often the ambulance is there and the police and all the rest of that stuff, like can there not almost be a part of that report if they’re worried about it being public that can come to our In-Camera (meetings)?”

A report shows BC Housing funds roughly $53,000 per month to the shelter and while Councillor MacLeod was keen to fund boosted bylaw services, Councillor Maria McFaddin explains that’s already happening:

“The funding there and the extra funding is so that they can have staff to give support services so that hopefully it isn’t a pressure on your policing and your bylaw and all of those things. Whether or not it works is you know, always a grey area of trying to figure out how to make that work….”

The Temporary Use Permit is proposed to stretch from date of issuance through September 1st of next year. Adoption is set for October 18th and feedback is encouraged.