Trail City Council to Consider Move of Temporary Homeless Shelter

bc housing

Trail City Council wants public input into a plan by BC Housing to build a temporary modular housing shelter in the gulch.

Council will look at the plan for 585 Rossland Ave. during its regular meeting on Mon. Feb. 13 and consider a temporary use permit.

A temporary permit would be valid for three years and can only be renewed once.

Residents affected by the project are invited to make in-person presentations, or via zoom.  Residents can also submit written opinions by 12 p.m. on Feb. 13.

The project is planned for undeveloped city-owned land near the truck chain up area.

Housing officials have been looking for a new temporary home for the shelter since Sept.

That’s when the former City Council approved a temporary permit extension for the current shelter.

The affirmative vote came with some conditions, including the commitment from BC Housing to move the temporary shelter out of the downtown before the fall of 2023, while the search continues for a permanent home.

Residents, property owners and business representatives made presentations at that meeting and the meeting on Feb. 13 is expected to attract a large crowd with many opinions expressed.

The City of Trail and BC Housing have been working on finding a location for a permanent shelter for several years, but have been unable to come to terms on a site.

BC Housing officials told have council it could take about three years to find a site and construct a new permanent shelter if there isn’t already a suitable building on the property that’s selected.

The City Council meeting on Feb 13. starts at 6 p.m.