Trail RCMP Report Covers Swatting Call, Theft and more


The Trail and Greater District RCMP Detachment’s latest weekly report covers dangerous prank calls, theft and more:

RCMP says "swatting" calls are a serious matter and are not taken lightly, following Friday's report to police that a local youth had a handgun.

Suspicions were raised when the person who made the report to RCMP did not appear to exist in the system.

This lead police to believe this was a "swatting" call, or prank call, attempting to draw a large number of police officers to a specific address.

An officer contacted the youth in question and identified the family, but determined there was no truth to the claim.

“It’s (swatting) an incredible waste of resources and puts innocent people in jeopardy. There have been incidents in which the person swatted had been seriously injured or killed, and the perpetrator ended up in jail.” says Sergeant Mike Wicentowich

The youth believed that this incident may have stemmed from a conflict earlier in the year and RCMP continues to investigate.

Sergeant Mike Wicentowich says "Human Resources made the right call on this one" following another incident on Friday, October 27th.

A report that afternoon to police heard that a 24-year old Trail man had allegedly been terminated from his job and decided to jump a forklift into the air, and into a pile of barrels, before leaving.

The forklift almost struck other employees in the process but the company did not want to pursue criminal charges.

A 22-year old Trail man was arrested Sunday morning after police responded to a business alarm in the 1400-block of Bay Avenue.

The man was located with roughly $4000 worth of stolen cannabis products in his possession after breaking in, and another $1500 worth was found in a garbage bag inside the store.

“I recommend against breaking into one of the most secure and monitored businesses in existence.” says the Sergeant

Trail RCMP are requesting criminal charges and the man was released on undertaking to appear in court at a later date.

Lastly, a compassionate business owner recently agreed to have youth paint over their graffiti instead of pursuing criminal charges.

A report to Trail RCMP on Saturday from a 51-year old man said the pair had allegedly spray painted graffiti on a business wall in the 3000-block of Highway Drive for the second time in recent memory.

The youth were originally arrested by the responding officer for Mischief under $5000.