Watch Britney Spears Audition For 'The Notebook'


In her new memoir, The Woman In Me, Britney Spears mentions how she had auditioned for the role of Allie in Nick Cassavetes' 2004 film, The Notebook. And like clockwork, footage from the audition has been leaked for the world to see.

The Daily Mail has leaked the tape of the 2002 screen test Spears shared with the film's lead actor Ryan Gosling. She shot the audition not too long after her then boyfriend Justin Timberlake had broken up with her via text message. 

The UK tabloid acquired the tape from Hollywood casting director Matthew Barry, who worked on the film. The audition tape has become something of Hollywood folklore, with fans trying for years to get their hands on the footage. Someone even tried to list it on eBay in 2021 for a cool $1 million. 

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Barry says that “Britney wasn’t just good – she was phenomenal. It was a tough decision. Britney blew us all away. Our jaws were on the floor. I was blown away – absolutely blown away. She brought her A-game that day.”

Of course, Spears lost the role to Rachel McAdams, who would go on to star alongside eventual flame Gosling and establish iconic on-screen chemistry in The Notebook

Barry notes that while Spears didn't get the part, she was the second choice, outperforming a number of future A-listers, including ex-boyfriend Timberlake's future wife Jessica Biel. 

"Britney beat out several of the top female actresses at the time," he added. "Scarlett Johansson, Claire Danes, Kate Bosworth, Amy Adams, Jamie King and Mandy Moore auditioned for this role. Britney beat out all of them. Everybody who was anybody that year wanted this part."

The Woman In Me hits stores tomorrow (October 24).

See the audition below.



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