Thursday Campfire Ban, Update on Briggs Creek Blaze


It's been a hazy past few days across the Kootenays and a campfire ban takes affect tomorrow, Thursday August 4th, at noon.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Fire Information Officer Kim Wright to learn more:

“We have a number of factors that go into consideration when we’re assessing whether or not to implement a campfire ban…. Current and forecasted weather conditions, the availability of firefighting resources and the build-up index. So the build-up index rating is an estimate the total amount of fuel available for combustion in the landscape and that index takes into affect the fuel’s moisture content….”

Wright says The Briggs Creek wildfire discovered west of Kaslo on Sunday remains a focus:

“It is currently estimated to be 1500 hectares in size. So that fire is burning in high elevation in really steep and inoperable terrain. It is moving towards Kokanee Glacier Park. We do have two initial attack crews and response officers on-scene supporting therm. What the crews are doing is they’re working on establishing control lines in more operable ground that will provide them with a safe dispensable zone to fight the fire from…. So we have eight initial attack crew members and then two response officers for a total of ten (personnel).”

Other local wildfires include an estimated 20-hectare blaze at Six Mile Creek near Creston, discovered August 2nd. An estimated 1.60-hectare blaze at Mt. Ferguson east of Nelson is under control. An estimated 0.45-hectare fire popped up August 1st in Koch Creek north-west of Castlegar and is being held.

Wright says now is the time to practice fire smarting your own property:

“The best thing that people can do to help is to project their homes and properties by using Firesmart principals. So you can go to to learn more about it, but just off hand there’s a few really super easy things that people can do: That’s keeping your lawn mowed, keeping your eaves troughs clean of debris and moving your firewood away from your home….

Tomorrow's campfire ban is in addition to category two and three burning bans implemented earlier.