Trail Humanitarian is Back from a Mission to Help Ukrainian Refugees

pastor romano

A Pastor from Trail is in awe of displaced Ukrainians who tirelessly helped their fellow citizens facing an uncertain future because of the Russian invasion of their country.

Shaun Romano worked along side Ukrainian men and women separated from their spouses and children during his 16-day stint in Poland and Germany to offer his assistance.

“Some of them from the already occupied territory of Eastern Ukraine, and I just watched them go to work, in serving their fellow Ukrainians and often it just kind of put me in awe,” said the Pastor.

Romano spent part of his time in Poland close to a Hostel housing Ukrainian refugees and said their faces showed the anxiety of an uncertain future while worrying about their homes and the loved ones and friends left behind to face the horrors of war.

“For them I just kind of saw a look of despair,” he said.

“Many of them had just come with nothing and picked up some clothes and suitcases from the rescue mission and were looking for new communities,” Romano explained.  

Romano said he was there to do whatever was asked, including listening to and cry with the refugees.

The Pastor is no stranger to that part of the world having taken part in several humanitarian missions in the Ukraine.

However, this trip was different.

Romano was unable to work with his many peers and friends who as men, were forced to stay behind in the war-torn country.

“They were involved in being Military Chaplains and spiritual leaders and rescuing people and to not be able to be with them, to work along side them was difficult,” said Romano.

The Pastor at the Gateway Christian Life Centre continues to process his experience and help coordinate continued donations to the Ukraine and plans to return to that country or Poland next spring.