Trail Man Wanted in Thailand Murder Dies in Plane Crash


A  36-year-old Trail man who was wanted for a gang-related murder in Thailand has been confirmed as one of the victims of a plane crash in northwestern Ontario.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B-C says Gene Lahrkamp -- one of two men accused the February shooting of B-C gang member Jimi Sandhu -- died in the April 30th plane crash near Sioux Lookout.

The unit which investigates gang-related crime in B-C -- says Lahrkamp and Mathew Dupre, who was arrested in February for Sandhu's slaying -- both fled Thailand for Canada after the shooting.

Lahrkamp was named late last month as second on the list of Canada's 25 most-wanted criminals but police have confirmed he and the three other people aboard the small plane died in the Ontario crash, which is still under investigation. 

RCMP searched Lahrkamp's Lookout Street property in Trail after the Thailand killing in early Feb., but he wasn't at the residence where he was known for breeding dogs.

Dupre was taken into custody the same day in Sylvan Lake, AB.

A $100,000 reward was offered for information leading to Lahrkamp's capture.