Trail RCMP Bust Suspected Drug Trafficker During Busy Week

drug bust

A Castlegar man is heading to court June 24 after RCMP seized drugs, cash and a loaded handgun while investigating a possible theft in downtown Trail.

Police said they found what they believe to be cocaine and methamphetamine and the 37-year-old was arrested without incident late Thursday afternoon on Farwell Street.

He was released after paying a $1,500 surety.

Trail RCMP also found an unsecured rifle during an early Saturday evening traffic stop on Highway 3-B in Fruitvale.

Police also reported the 29-year-old Fruitvale man driving was given 24-hour suspension for impaired driving and the unsafe vehicle was impounded after being pulled over for having a burned out headlight.

A 44-year-old Castlegar resident also lost his drivers license for 24-hours after a man was found passed out behind the wheel early Sunday afternoon.

The vehicle was idling on the 700-block of Victoria Avenue.

 Police believed he was drug-impaired.

The day before, RCMP pulled over a 43-year-old Trail man after a car failed to signal for a turn on Hendry Street.

Police said the officer noticed the smell of alcohol and the driver failed the impaired driving test and added the driver was already prohibited.

Trail RCMP are also warning people venturing outdoors on hot days to be prepared.

Police had to assist in the rescue of a 63-year-old Trail man on June 2, when he ws overcome by the extreme heat while cycling north of Sunningdale.

Two officers hiked from Sandpit Road and helped Kootenay Boundary Regional fire fighters take the man via boat down the Columbia River to awaiting paramedics at the boat launch.

Police advise anyone taking part in outdoor activities on hot days to drink a litre of water for every hour of exercise, go with a partner or in groups and tell someone where you’re going while having a cell or satellite phone.

Police also said wear sunscreen, protective clothing and added cyclists should wear helmets.