Update-Local Wildfires Still Keeping Residents Out of their Homes

merry creek 2

Two local wildfires continue to keep residents out of their homes.

The growing wildfire at Octopus Creek forced the evacuations of five properties, while residents from another 162 properties in Applegrove and Fauquier are on Evacuation Alert, meaning they may have to leave on short notice.

B-C Wildfire Services officials expect it to grow beyond its current 1,172 hectares in an area about 11 km south of Fauquier.

The Michaud Creek wildfire about 20 km south of Edgewood forced residents from two properties to leave with people from another 358 properties ready to leave on short notice.

It’s now close to 2,700 hectares.

Residents from Boswell, Destiny Bay and Sanka remain on evacuation alert because of the 865 hectare wildfire at Akokli Creek, which continues to burn about 7 km from Boswell in steep terrain which is inaccessible.

B-C Wilfire Service crews continue to attack the 742 hectare Trozzo Creek wildfire from the gound and air.  It’s burning about 7.5 km north of Winlaw.

Meanwhile, provincial officials are asking residents who self-evacuated without an order to leave, to consider returning home and want people on evacuation alert to pre-arrange accomodations with family or friends in order to keep motel and hotel rooms available near evacuation sites.

The B-C SPCA is also offering half-price adoptions to create spaces for animal displaced by wildfires.