Måneskin's Damiano David Reacts To Mick Jagger's Comments About Rock


The lead singer of Italian band Måneskin says Mick Jagger is wrong about the state of rock ’n’ roll.

In an interview with a Swedish radio station earlier this month, the Rolling Stones icon said Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud make him think “there is still a bit of life in rock and roll.”

Måneskin’s Damiano David told NME this is “a very old-fashioned way to see it” because “nobody is ‘keeping rock’n’roll alive.’ It’s just impossible to kill.”

David added: “In my head what we’re doing is very different to what MGK is doing, which is very far from what Yungblud is doing, which is very far from what Willow Smith is doing, but a lot of artists are bringing back that kind of sound and energy: distorted guitars and real drums, to f**king play with a band with real analogue sounds, stage-diving – all the rock’n’roll s**t.

“Music is just developing. Everything is colliding and mixing in a good way.”

Måneskin is set to do shows in Toronto and Montreal in November.

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