Castlegar Council Approves Municipal Boundary Expansion to Selkirk


Adoption was passed Monday, June 27th, to approve proceeding with restructuring Castlegar's municipal boundaries to incorporate Selkirk College.

This as Selkirk's water services aren't adequate for a proposed student housing project. Manager of Planning, Development & Sustainability Meeri Durand gave Council the run-down during consideration on June 13th:

“So the college has made a request by the City to connect to our water services. Under our Official Community Plan of course, the City policy is that if we are to extend services that land be brought into the City.”

“If the province at that stage does agree or support the expansion in principal, the City then initiates public consultation on the matter.” adds Durand

Councillor Sue-Heaton Sherstobitoff asked Chief Administrative Officer Chris Barlow just how fast they need approval:

“If this was done yesterday it would probably be best for the college, but this is the process that we’re working through, so the sooner we can get through the process the better….” he explains

Three total parcels and properties are part of this process.