Castlegar Council Considers Waiving Fees for Building Lost in 2021 Fire


Castlegar City Council was stuck between a rock and a hard place last week, June 13th, facing a request to waive fees.

A March 2021 fire burned down an 1137 7th Avenue property and displaced residents, but the owner hopes to reconstruct the multi-family building from the original foundation.

Councillor Cherryl MacLeod hopes to learn a bit more about this specific situation before going ahead:

“I think that this is a slippery slope if we really don’t understand what this looks like and why we’re doing it. So I’d really like to ask staff please if they could get something of a report together so we can have a good basis to make this decision.”

Councillor Bergen Price wonders why the letter’s author should jump through more hoops than necessary:

“I feel like we’re in a position to help, you know and that’s sort of my thinking in a generic sense. But if Meeri claims that there is burn beyond a certain point that you trigger a development permit, then I guess that’s the rule that we have in place; it’s just unfortunate….”

Councillor Maria McFaddin is happy to help, but says she needs more context:

“So I think before I would make a decision I would like to know why and if they’ve gone that route. But why is this a hardship? If there is insurance on the building that had a fire, why isn’t the insurance covering the development permit if that’s being triggered?”

The discussion was moved to this Monday, June 27th where a detailed report is anticipated to be shared with Castlegar City Council.