Elevate Athletics Co-Owner Relieved To be Back in Business

elevate athletics

Elevate Athletics in downtown Trail didn't wait until Thursday to re-open.

Co-owner of the cross-fit gym Dallas Calvin told Bounce News on Wednesday morning, the re-opening protocols were virtually unchanged for them so the doors swung open a day before the date announced by B-C Health.

“I’m in here working out and there’s a bunch of people in here getting in and getting their workouts done so it’s nice to start seeing some faces again,” said Calvin who was happy they were immediately prepared to meet the new provincial guidelines.

“Honestly it was nothing really different at all,” he said.

“Pretty much what we were doing before we got closed down there again, so it’s been easy to transition back to being open,” according to the co-owner.

New rules include spacing of seven-square metres between each client, while exercise classes are limited to 25 participants.  Health officials encourage the wearing of masks at all times, but they can be taken off during active exercise.   

Calvin said just after the shutdown, the facility which moved to a larger space, was just starting to recoup lost revenue from other pandemic related shutdowns and waiting out another four weeks at a time of year which is a major revenue generator for gyms was an anxious time.

“At some point you need the revenue to start coming in, you can’t be closed down for too long because then you can’t last,” he said adding getting the go-ahead from the province was a huge relief.

“It was a little unnerving not knowing when you could open, but like I said getting the news was a good feeling,”