Man Accused in Nelson Spitting Case Remains At Large

rhonda comeau

The Salmo woman spat on during an anti mask incident in Nelson is frustrated the man accused of assaulting her remains at large.

Rhonda Comeau suffered a series of heart attacks after the incident outside the Adventure Hotel in November of 2020.

She understands the court system is busy but notes Jeremy Undershute did come back after missing an early court appearance.

“When they issued the first arrest warrant, they found him finally when he showed up for his other court dates for a previous assault (charge), so I mean, they had him once,” said Comeau.

Charges against Undershute in an alleged incident in August of 2020 in Nelson includes assault on a police officer.

The latest arrest warrant after a series of missed court appearances was issued three months ago.

Comeau told Bounce News that although her health is good, she's tired of being a victim.

“I’ve had to suffer for a year and this guy hasn’t suffered anything for his actions and yet I have so I want some justice,” said Rhonda who is just as frustrated about being kept out of the loop.

“I haven’t heard anything from anybody, the police, crown counsel, victim services and it’s really frustrating that I have to rely on phoning people to try and find out what’s going on,” said the Salmo woman who added she was told by officials they would contact her when Undershute is caught.

Nelson City Police indicated they couldn’t disclose anything about the case because of privacy issues.

Meanwhile, a Salmo woman charged after a gunshot was allegedly fired into an Airport Road home in the community a year ago also remains at large.

An arrest warrant was issued last June for Leona Vollans when she didn't show up for court.

RCMP said they continue to look for the 44-year-old.  Police reported none of the four people inside the home were injured in the incident on Jan. 15 2021.