Nelson Council Approves Parkade Mural, Discusses Design Proposal


(Image: Draft Design Concept Provided by Nelson City Council Agenda)

Tuesday, June 28th, saw Nelson City Council waste no time approving another mural for the Nelson & District Arts Council.

Executive Director Sydney Black lead the presentation:

“It’s a piece by a Nepal artist, her name is Imagine, that’s her artist name and she has her Masters from Harvard. All of her murals depict sand script and she uses stencil as well as spray paint in all of the pieces….”

That piece is set for to the north face of the 420 Vernon Street city-owned Parkade. Councillor Cal Renwick asked Black about a separate long-sought after community requested design.

“We’re talking about a mural going on the old civic centre, a sports themed-mural…. Looking at having happen for the last couple of years. So we had talked about it initially when there was the Public Art Funding that was available through Columbia Basin Trust….” explains Black

She adds those funds have since dried out but the large wall space and themed-design will be costly:

“The City Hall one was about $40,000 so it could be $40,000-plus, oh and that artist had creative control. So that wasn’t a commissioned piece either so he got to do what he wanted to do with that work so yeah, it’s all about finding the right person and that price and then finding the appropriate funding.”

Black says at the end of the day, there's a reason the Arts Council has been saving that specific space. The impending Parkade mural is set for completion this August and will take up to 14 days.