Performance Fitness Owner Doesn't Regret Early Re-Opening

perforamnce fitness

The Owner of Performance Fitness in Trail feels opening before the provincial government gave gyms across B-C permission to resume operations was the right thing to do.

Mark Allen said many of his members need to workout for the sake of their mental health.

“People don’t understand the mental strength that people get from coming to this facility or facilities like this,” said Allan.

“Many people who come here are like suffering or were suffering from a bad addiction, where they replace that addiction with this addiction, a good health oriented addiction,” according to the gym owner.

Allan also indicated he has gotten wide spread support for the move.

“The outpouring of gratitude from people in the gym business and from outside the gym business from this area alone has been overwhelming, they were like so helpful and supportive of what I was doing,” he said.

Allan joined about 100 other fitness centre operators around B-C who opened Tuesday morning, a few hours before B-C Health announced gyms would be allowed to re-open two days later.

The early re-openings involved owners who took part in the Operation Green Light social media campaign, encouraging gyms, dance studios and fitness centres to open their doors despite the pending announcement.

The Health Ministry’s original deadline called for re-openings to take place the first thing Tuesday morning, but officials quietly extended the deadline indefinitely on Monday, pending the Tuesday afternoon announcement, prompting an apology from B-C Health Officer Dr, Bonnie Henry for the confusion in communication.

One of the conditions for resuming operations was that patrons must continue to show proof of vaccination before being allowed in.

Allan told Bounce News he would not be enforcing the vaccination passport rule.

“I don’t care what your choice is, it means nothing to me, you want get vaccinated, all the power to you, you don’t want to that’s your choice,” Allan said adding he feels the vaccination rule is discriminatory.

“I’m here just to provide a facility for health and physical wellness for people and I don’t care what yoru status is,” he said.

Allan stated he has received one fine for $2,300 for allegedly violating health ministry regulations and said if he gets more, “so be it.”