Rossland Council Approves Bear-Proof Bins for Arena Parking Lot

city of rossland logo2022

Bear Resistant Garbage Receptacles have been a hot topic in Rossland for some time; but this week's City Council decision hopes to put concerns to rest for the time being.

Rossland City Council denied a request for a third bear bin back in January but sought to revisit the option on June 6th. This week’s Regular Meeting, June 20th, saw Council approve the installation of two bear-proof receptacles in the Arena parking lot for a trail period until October 2022. One receptacle is moving from the Museum parking lot and the other coming from Trail.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Acting Mayor Councillor Andy Morel to learn more:

“I think we’re coming up with a viable solution, at least temporarily. The moving of one of two bins from the Museum parking lot site to our Arena parking lot to make it a more central location for the community to be able to use the bin…. The big issue had been the security of those bins. Not from a bear standpoint because when they’re used properly they are secure; but more from an abuse standpoint from the general public. Or a part of the general public; a small percentage.”

“By placing one in a more public place you know it’s very close to our Public Works Yard, we feel that will help to have a few more eyes on it and we’re hoping people be a little more responsible. You know those few that have been taking advantage of that situation there.” adds Morel

One Councillor favored the other option to leave the bear bins at the Museum. The City is to assist with security while the Natural Control Alternatives Society handles collection and tipping fees through to October for the trail period.