Rossland Mayor Speaks to Trail Improvements, Water Main Replacement

city of rossland logo2022

Trail improvements in Rossland are on the way between Mann Road and Gibbers after this month’s tender consideration, May 16th.

Rossland City Council has contracted Copcan Civil Limited Partnership to spruce up the trail and replace the City's aging water main.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Mayor Kathy Moore to learn more:

“Our mater main comes down under a trail that’s used a lot by cross country skiers in the winter and then if it were in better shape it could be used by mountain bikers in the summer, but our very old…. Very decrepit water line goes through there and it’s just too close to the surface to have trail improvements…. The Kootenay Columbia Trails Society had come to us and had wanted to do trail improvements but we had to turn them down because the infrastructure was just too close to the surface and too fragile, but with additional grants and additional funding….”

“So it’s really a win-win because we’re always looking for ways to improve our infrastructure and when we do get grants to do that and when we can work with other groups; the Trail Society got a big grant for the trail improvement, so it’s really going to be a great project.” adds Mayor Moore

Copcan Civil Limited Partnership has previously been contracted by the City of Rossland for projects including improvements to Spokane Street and Leroi Avenue, as well as improvements to Highway 3B/22 Arterial Wall, road and utility.