WATCH: Led Zeppelin Fans Go Wild For 1970 Clips


Led Zeppelin fans are loving newly-shared footage from the band’s Sept. 19, 1970 concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

YouTube user ikhnaton this week posted two-minutes-and-48 seconds of clips from the second of Led Zeppelin’s two shows that day.

"It's amazing to me how just under 3 minutes of fragmented Zeppelin footage is still better than any other band on the planet,” reads one comment. Another declared: “This is mind blowing!”

Shot on 8mm film, the clips capture 22-year-old Robert Plant – with cigarette in hand – and 26-year-old Jimmy Page kicking off the show with “Immigrant Song,” which was still weeks away from being released. It also shows a snippet of the second song on the setlist, the 1969 track “Heartbreaker.”

In the comments section, fans are in heaven. “Jimmy in total command. So clear. Robert living up to his reputation,” reads one. “The rhythm section ..just another night ! Dear Lord how good they were.”

One fan called the clips an “incredible find.” He wrote: “Listening to the bootleg it is sometimes hard to believe that this legendary concert actually took place, but with this video the conclusion that it did becomes just inevitable.”

The origin of the footage is not known but some people are speculating the proximity to the stage suggests it was shot by a professional photographer covering the concert or by someone working for the band.

Check it out below:

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