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Heard weekly on the BC Food and Wine Radio Network, Anthony Gismondi sets the table for the weekend, pointing you to great wine buys, the best in restaurant dining and all things connected to food and wine. Among the many guests who have joined Anthony on B.C. Food and Wine Radio are: Gordon Ramsay, Piero Antinori, Paul Draper, Aurelio Montes, Peter Gago, Miguel Torres, John Bishop and Rob Feenie.

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    B.C. Food And Wine Radio: Feb 21, 2024

    This week we're joined by Corrie Krehbiel the new Chief Winemaker for Frind Estate Winery in West Kelowna. She shares her first impressions and how excited she is to explore the vineyards located at the extreme ends of the Okanagan Valley and in between; Ann Sperling, a celebrated winemaker, originally working in British Columbia and now based in Ontario, addresses a topic on many minds with a surplus of grapes on one side of the country and a deficit on the other, by explaining what happens when grapes are shipped across the country and how it affects the wine; Kevin Rossion, GM & Viticulturist for the new Terralux Estate Winery in West Kelowna, fills us in on vineyards, the winery under construction, and more; Shane Taylor, Wine Director for Rogers Arena and Top Table Restaurants, gives us an insider's look at their massive fine wine program, including 45 storage locations all over the arena.

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    B.C. Food And Wine Radio: Feb 14, 2024

    This week, Lee F. Man, "voracious eater", food writer and restaurant judge returns to the show to comment on talented new chefs who are bringing their training in fine French restaurants to Vancouver's Chinese cuisines; Warren Porter, President of Irongate Auctions explains how they have made liquidating cellars, often needed after an unexpected life event, much easier, and teases upcoming auctions; Dan Zepponi, CEO of Cuvaison, calls us from California to talk about pinot noir and chardonnay and their unique biosphere in Los Carneros; Mark Sheridan, President of Hester Creek, looks at recent extreme weather events in British Columbia, from the point of view as a glass half full, find out why. 

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    B.C. Food And Wine Radio: Feb 7, 2024

    We're feeling festive in our first February show with the Vancouver International Wine Festival arriving in a few weeks; Executive Director Harry Hertscheg and Anthony discuss tips on tasting like a pro and which events still have tickets; Gismondi on Wine taster and writer HJ Cha shares her favourite memories of Lunar New Year from a Korean perspective, listing much-loved dishes paired with BC wines; Da Silva Vineyards & Winery Proprietor and multi-generational farmer, Richard Da Silva offers analysis of recent extreme weather events and suggested solutions.

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    B.C. Food And Wine Radio: Jan 31, 2024

    This week, our theme is “Global View of Gastronomy”. We begin with Aurelio Montes Sr, Partner of Montes Wines in Chile.; then we head to Sonoma California where Dan Wildermuth, VP of Global Marketing for Rodney Strong shares his insights into visiting the popular wine region; then back in British Columbia, we speak with Graham Nordin, GM of Iconic Wineries of BC who provides a look at the restaurant scene in Kelowna; and Mike Coghill, Founder of Yellow Dog Brewery, talks about beer and food in Penticton. 


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