Concerts & Events

Do you have an event, festival, celebration or important date that BOUNCE Radio 1240 should know about?

  1. Events or activities must be open and have broad appeal to the general community within the Okanagan area. We will not list 'members only' events, events for discrete interest groups or specific professions, or activities where participants are required to be affiliated with the organisers.
  2. Only "one off" events will be listed. We will not list ongoing activities, event series (eg, a program of workshops or a multi-date training course), sector-specific/professional conferences and seminars, or regular/recurring events such as year-round club meetings, regular sporting fixtures and church services.
  3. Events or activities must be located within the Okanagan area, or be deemed relevant to our residents and visitors.
  4. Events should be free, non-profit or fundraising activities, or be supported / sponsored by BOUNCE RADIO 1240. Business, service or political activities or any type of commercial promotion is not permitted. Events relating to or held by a group which conflicts with BOUNCE RADIO 1240 or Bell Media will not be listed.
  5. To provide fair exposure to all community events listed on this calendar, listings for exhibitions (eg, art gallery exhibitions, touring displays etc) will be published for a maximum of seven (7) days only from the opening date of the exhibition.
  6. You should only submit your listing once you have secured all necessary permits, licences, insurances and other relevant approvals for your event.
  7. Requests need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. Submissions will not be accepted more than twelve months in advance.
  8. Inclusion in the event calendar is not guaranteed; you will be advised if your event is not suitable for the calendar. BOUNCE RADIO 1240 and Bell Media is not liable for any loss or damage incurred by an event organiser as a result of failure or delay in listing an event.
  9. All listings are subject to editorial discretion. BOUNCE RADIO 1240 and Bell Media reserves the right to reject any listing request and to remove any listing.
  10. The person submitting the listing must ensure information supplied is accurate and information is kept up to date, and must notify BOUNCE RADIO 1240 as soon as possible of any changes. A nominated contact person and contact number must be supplied for all event listings.
  11. BOUNCE RADIO 1240 events listing is provided without any warranties or guarantees the service will be error free and without disruption.

Contact BOUNCE Radio 1240 Community Events Listing

Email us with your event details to be included in our community events listing

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