Councilor Ryan Donn Calls It Quits...…..For Now

Ryan Donn1 (2)

In  a somewhat surprising announcment, eight year Kelowna City Councilor Ryan Donn has let it be known he will not be running again in this fall's muncipal election.

Donn says he's been thinking about it for some time.

"Every day Council is talking about the balance of what needs funded and what does't need funded and where should we be focusing our energy. As I thought about that individually, I looked at the next four years and thought, my family has sacrificed a lot over the last eight years, so, I decided to focus more on the family."

Donn says he loves the job as a City Councilor, but, his growing family is more important right now.

Donn adds, don't be surprised if we see him return to politics at some point down the road.