"I've ridden that part of the highway. I hate it."


The president of the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition is sadden to hear a life has been lost after a collision between a vehicle and a cyclist this morning.

Landon Bradshaw spoke to AM 1150 News about the crash on Highway 97 near Parkinson Drive.

"We are talking about something that happened at 7 am. People are still working on getting enough coffee in them to be fully awake and get their attention going. I don't know how it happened. We need to know what happened so we can learn from it." 

Bradshaw says Highway 97 is a dangerous stretch for cyclists.

"The highway is the only choice for people on bikes at this moment. I've ridden that part of the highway. I hate it. People are going by there and the speed limit is 90 kilometers an hour. We have studies that say, the faster you go the less you see." 

The last time a Kelowna cyclist was killed was in 2019 when Ernie Gabbs was hand cycling near Dilworth Drive when he was struck by a semi. 

"Most motorists are aware of cyclists, but it's that one percent is all it takes to kill somebody. They are in a three thousand pound vehicle and you can kill somebody so easily," Bradshaw added.