Longer Days Mean Longer Playground Zones


Penticton RCMP is reminding drivers all over the province, to be aware of their speed in Playground Zones as spring and summer arrive.

According to Section 147(2) of the BC Motor Vehicle Act, drivers must not exceed 30 km/h when driving through a playground zone between dawn and dusk. Fail to do so can result in a fine of up to $253. This also comes with 3 points on your driver’s license.

“As the days get longer, so do the times between dawn and dusk,” said Cst. Dayne Lyons, Penticton RCMP Media Relations Officer. “Playground zones are in effect 365-days per year. When the sun starts setting later and later, the speed rules are stay effect later and later too.”

Penticton RCMP encourages all BC drivers to mind their speed when in a playground zone to ensure everyone stays safe as the weather gets better and we start spending more time outdoors.