OLWQS needs help to find moorage for its research pontoon boat on Osoyoos Lake


The Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society is scrambling to find a safe and secure location to tie up its 19’ foot aluminum pontoon research boat.   The volunteer organization collects water samples and data every two weeks from May to October (including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance and water clarity) for the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

“We have always relied on the kindness of lake front home owners with accessible dock space and most recently the Walnut Beach Resort, who generously enabled us to moor our watercraft and provide safe access for our trained crew,” says OLWQS President, Birgit Arnstein. "We also appreciated the locked storage room Walnut Beach Resort provided for our sensitive and expensive equipment."

“Recently, we learned that we could no longer moor our watercraft at Walnut Beach Resort and we are now looking for a new summer home for our boat and ideally secure storage for our testing equipment. We will also require access for our captain and trained volunteers to board and depart the boat every two weeks.  Typically, we conduct our research monitoring on Wednesday mornings."

Arnstein added, “Our volunteers and boat captain are fully trained at collecting water samples at four distinct spots on the Canadian side of the lake at varying depths. Our crews are respectful of the mooring property causing minimal noise when boarding and disembarking. We are also mindful of minimizing a wake near the dock and surrounding shoreline.” 

The Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society is closely aligned with the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) and the Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society and enjoys the full support of the Town of Osoyoos.

 Go to www.osoyooslake.ca or contact President, Ms. Birgit Arnstein at (250) 408-5460 and  olwqs4info@gmail.com