Sunflower Festival succeeds in fundraising for Ukraine

Ukraine Flag

The Sunflower Fundraiser for Ukraine held May 1 in Heritage Hills raised enough money to make a significant difference in the lives of over 750 Ukrainians. The $20,000.00 raised will be deployed immediately by ADRA (Ukraine) to fund five round trips by its convoy of 10 fifteen seat buses into Ukraine. The buses will be loaded with humanitarian aid on the way in and will return to the border with displaced Ukrainians, 150 at a time. The cost has been calculated at $27.00 per ride.

This humanitarian initiative started with local retiree, Jennifer Martison, who felt passionately that she needed to do something tangible to help the people of Ukraine. It quickly grew to something much bigger, with hundreds in the local community generously contributing their efforts and donations to the successful event. 

Local wineries and artists were incredibly generous in contributing cases and large format bottles of wine and 15 art pieces to a silent auction and wine raffle. Two musicians, Will Schlackl (of Jack and Jill) and Joshua Smith provided great entertainment for the afternoon.  Several food trucks and local vendors attended and generously donated a portion of their sales.  

Several Ukrainian groups attended, treating the crowd to some delicious bread and baked goods. The Ukrainian Canadian Volunteers Association was on hand to collect contact information for those considering hosting people or volunteering in other capacities to help displaced Ukrainians arriving in British Columbia over the next few months.

Donations can still be made to the campaign at