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Get your morning moving, with BOUNCE Mornings with Brock Jackson. You’ll hear about all the local events, news, contests and the Music You Just Can't Quit! It’s “the tallest show in radio”, BOUNCE Mornings with Brock Jackson! Weekdays 6 -10 am.

  • Su on tonight's European Style Christmas Market

    Part of the Light Up festivities tonight, is a European style Christmas market, put on by our friends at Osoyoos Farmers' Market. It goes from 4-7pm leading up to and during the parade. Su Wolfe has all the details. 

  • Megan from OSNS wraps up their fundraising campaign

    Saturday marks the end of the OSNS Fall Fundraising Campaign. There will be a showcase event at Cherry Lane Shopping Centre and you're invited to drop by. Megan has all the details on how things have gone this past month. 

  • Roxanne from OCU talks "light up" and community

    OCU is always in the heart of the action on our communities, and that's no different tonight. It's the annual Town of Osoyoos "Light Up" and OCU has lots planned to keep you in the spirit. They are community focused 24/7 and 365!

  • Petra Veintimilla on Oliver Light Up Weekend

    It's a jam packed weekend around Oliver with Light Up festivities and events going on today, tomorrow and Sunday. It's all part of the much larger Fire and Ice Festival which runs until December 3rd with events in Oliver and Osoyoos. Petra has all the details. 

  • Orion Kendrick on Baldy Alpine Club's Ski and Snowboard Swap

    Saturday it's the first ever ski and snowboard swap, in support of the Baldy Alpine Club. It happens Saturday at the Oliver Community Centre. Orion has the details on the club, and how the swap works. If you have gear you want to sell, or are in need of something for the upcoming season, this is the event is for you. 

  • Jim Dinwoodie on "Double D Diner - Operation Cherry Blossom"

    OASIS presents a new production that launches tonight at the OSS Community Theatre: Double D Diner - Operation Cherry Blossom. If you saw the original Double D Diner, this is what happens next. But don't worry, if you haven't seen the first one, you can jump right into the fun with this show. 

  • Greg Sol from OCU on Financial Literacy Month

    It's never to late to get your finances in order and it's always easy to do it at OCU. There is no need to be scared about speaking with them honestly about where you're at and where you'd like to go. As Greg says "we've seen it all." Talk to the staff at OCU today. 

  • Megan on the OSNS fall fundraisier

    OSNS has just launched their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Share A Smile Fall Fundraising Campaign. The 2023 version is different than in the past, so Megan joined Brock to talk more about it and how you can get involved.

  • John and Samantha from Osoyoos Secondary School

    The OSS Rattlers sports program is on fire! Their teams are having loads of success and this weekend it's a huge volleyball tournament happening in our community. John Seminoff and Samantha Wiebe joined Brock to talk about what's happening and where you can catch the action.


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