Keep The Cold Off Penticton

Bottled water in rowx

As a heat wave scorches the South Okanagan and beyond, homeless populations are especially vulnerable. Penticton outreach workers are flying through supplies, and hoping the public will step up to help with donations.

"We're going through two cases of water plus Gatorade, and we have some pop too that we hand out, so we're going through a lot each outreach," said Mike Forster of Keep the Cold Off Penticton.

Keep the Cold Off may sound like the name of a winter organization, but Forster operates year-round, and heat can be just as deadly as cold. They hand out donations to the homeless of everything from food to clothing, and Forster said this heat wave has been particularly tough on those living rough.

Keep the Cold Off is just one of many organizations in Penticton working to help street-entrenched populations during this heat wave. Donations they are especially looking for right now are water, electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, sunscreen, hats and sandals.

"We had a good donor give us a whole 20 cases of water, which is good because we were running low. So that'll get us through for about a week or two. But we can always use more, especially with this kind of heat, and this is just June," Forster said.

Donations to Keep the Cold Off can be dropped off at Kettle Valley Memorial at 461 Dawson Avenue, or reach out to the organization on Facebook.