Statement from the School Board following Protest altercation


In response to recent events where Freedom Convoy protesters assembled at Osoyoos

Secondary School and Southern Okanagan Secondary School, the Board of Education for SD No. 53 does not condone protests that target children and youth or disrupt school proceedings including the safe dismissal of students.

Schools are inclusive places and children should not be subjected to verbal abuse or altercations. The individual who spoke inappropriately to students at the Southern Okanagan Secondary School protest was reported to RCMP and that is now a police matter. While everyone has the right to protest, interfering with students trying to leave for their weekend is unacceptable.

The Access to Services (COVID-19) Act was passed in November 2021 to protect those who provide services and to prevent disruptive behaviour from affecting schools. We would appreciate any future protests avoid our schools.

School officials at both schools will be speaking to students about what they can do if they feel anxious or unsafe and to remind students not to engage protesters in the future. Keeping students safe in their learning environment continues to be a key priority for the Board.

School District No. 53 (Okanagan Similkameen)