$15,000 in Reovered tools


On September 2, 2021 at 7:30 am Salmon Arm RCMP officers were called to a construction site where over $15,000 in tools were stolen from the jobsite.

The officers spoke to a resident after locating the suspect vehicle on the property.

The owner of the tools had a comprehensive list with good descriptions of the tools. Investigators were able to locate some neighborhood video from another house that showed a vehicle in the area.  The attending officers recognized the vehicle, a green Suzuki SUV,  and went to another residence.

As it turns out, someone had put all of the tools in a shed on the property where police recovered them.  The officers were able to call the owner and reunite him with his equipment.

While charges are not expected in this case police were very happy to get the workers back their tools so they could get back to work.