Boating Season and Long weekend Reminders


Salmon Arm RCMP have a few reminders as we move into boating season and long weekends.

"Please do so safely. Locally we have drounings every year in our local lakes."

If you are boating, in a small boat, please wear a PFD at all times.  They are not just for children. Adults need to wear them too. It does not take much for you to become incapacitated if a boat overturns or your fall out of a boat. 

If your motor has a tethered engine stop switch please securely attach it to your clothing.  Police say there is nothing worse than to be in the middle of a lake with a PFD on only to watch your boat drive away by itself.

Again please wear your PFD and ALSO do the spring check to make sure you have all of your safety equipment aboard and that it works!

  • Ensure you have a "Certified" PFT of the right size and type for all of your passengers.
  • Check that bailer, buoyant heaving line, sounding device and make sure the flashlight works!
  • Also check the fire extinguisher and flairs if you are required to have them on board. Also check the expiration date.
  • Get new safety equipment if you need it, please.
  • Have your registration aboard and your Pleasure Craft Operator's card, we will be checking.

If you aren't sure check the Transport Canada Marine Safety site.

If you are out on the water without the appropriate safety equipment you will be ordered to shore and may get a violation ticket.

It is also illegal to operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Criminal charges result from impaired boating so leave the alcohol and drugs alone on the water.

Some advice from the Local RCMP:

"Check the weather conditions before you set out. If they change while on the water always have a safe place in mind to put in or anchor to get out of the weather rather than 'taking a chance' to get where you are going. Or simply get off the water. Out laes are deep and the winds can increase without notice creating dangerous conditions, be cautious."

"Leave a trip plan with someone. Even if it is a short trip, text, call or E mail someone to let them know where you are going, preferably a relative if at all possible. Also let them know when you will be back and then let them know when you are back off the water."